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About Caretta

The loggerhead sea turtle (caretta caretta) can be found in the atlantic, pacific, indian and mediterranean sea. It is omnivorous and likes bottom dwelling invertebrates. Young loggerheads are victims of many predators. When they become adults they are much safer because of their size, only large animals like sharks can threaten them. They are an endangered species, protected by the international union for conservation. They are the largest hard shelled turtle, usually growing to 90cm.  

caretta carettaThe mediterranean sea is a nursery for juveniles,but also frequented by adults. Loggerheads are territorial, often fighting over over feeding grounds. They navigate using an internal compass and migrate to warmer areas when ocean waters cool. On the greek island of zakynthos planes are not allowed to land or take off at night time, so that the nesting turtles don't get disturbed. The hotel is near the national marine park, where many turles lay their eggs. Volunteers are often seen at the national marine park, assisting in the protection of the turtle.

turtle nesting site  turtle nesting site

 national marine park, laganas, zakynthos 

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