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Gateway to the Greek islands
Hotel Sydney

About Us

Hotel Sydney

We have many years experience in the commerce and hospitality industry. Our accommodation is 2 star category, bed and breakfast. Our values include: respect for the guest and the environment, and customer service. Hotel development plans include: expansion of number of rooms, construction of pool and bar, upgrade with more services.  The hotel is in an ideal location on zakynthos island, near the beach and in a peaceful area with easy access to laganas and zakynthos town.Hotel Sydney is 4 km from the airport and 8 km from zakynthos harbour, 200m from the beach and 400m from the national marine park (home of the caretta turtle) 1km from the centre of laganas.


hotel sydney and its guests contribute to the sustainable development of zakynthos(bnb). hotel sydney is owned and operated by locals and reinvests into the local economy. hotel sydney has a low carbon footprint by adopting energy saving practices(solar,power managment). hotel sydney has low environmental impact(biological pest control,horse grazing). Hotel sydney is surrounded by a luscious green garden, has spacious grounds and rooms and has not been overdeveloped. we support the nearby national marine park(caretta caretta).